Recycling services

Compliant IT asset disposal and data destruction services.


Once a collection date and time have been agreed, our uniformed staff will arrive onsite to remove your redundant equipment.  Prior to leaving your site you will be asked to sign-off three partly-completed documents:

  1. Duty of care: waste transfer note which hands responsibility for the WEEE items from you to us.  
  2. Transfer of Title which passes ownership of any non-WEEE items from you to us.
  3. Hazardous Waste Consignment Note which allows us to transport the items legally and make regular detailed submissions to the Environment Agency.  

Then, under normal circumstances, you will within two or three weeks be issued with the completed documents listed above and our detailed reports.

We can tailor our collection service to suit your exact needs.  Whether the items are already waiting for us to load or require removing directly from desks or communications rooms for example, we can provide an efficient, safe and secure service.   

In 2020 following an investigation by ICER working with the Environment Agency and other parties, new regulations regarding the recycling of plastics came into force. ICER found that (even though their use was banned many years ago) the levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which had been used as flame retardants in plastics were unacceptably high together with other hazardous elements. This has driven a change within the WEEE recycling community which effectively means that items containing plastics which can’t be reused must be destroyed via incineration.  We at SPC have therefore been required to change our procedures to ensure that we meet these new requirements. These changes have included the need for us to handle the redundant IT equipment we collect by splitting it into two streams, one being items we can reuse and the other for those items which require recycling.  Our asset reporting now reflects these new procedures.

Data destruction

As is continually highlighted by cases in the media, lack of data security can be a major issue whether the data source is commercial or private. At SPC we understand the necessity of total data security for all our clients, and have therefore implemented a rigid set of procedures to ensure the safe destruction of all client data.

For the secure data wiping of hard drives we offer a choice of two options:

  1. Our in-house data erasing software which prevents all known techniques of hard disk forensic analysis, meeting industry standard (DOD 5220.22-M) data protection requirements.  As part of our commitment to total data security, this drive erasure process can usually be provided as a complimentary service.
  2. Certus - a European industry leading data-wiping product which is based on a one licence per drive pricing structure.

Certus Software is certified by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). That means they comply with the highest security requirements. Additionally, their software is Common Criteria EAL3+ certified. This is currently the highest IT security rating in Europe to be awarded to a data erasure product. With Certus, you’re GDPR-compliant and certified data erasure is in accordance with BSI guidelines.

If you opt for Certus erasure once wiped we provide proof of this erasure via a Certified Data Erasure Certificate. This certificate fulfills all major international requirements, such as NIST 800.88r1, SOX, HIPAA and others.

Any drive that fails any of the drive-wiping procedures is physically shredded, preventing any possibility of future data recovery.  Whichever service is used, a full data destruction certificate is provided detailing each drive’s asset number, serial number, outcome (wiped or shredded) and date of wiping. In addition to hard drive data wiping, SPC can also carry out full data destruction (preventing any form of future data recovery) on the following types of data storage media:

  • CD/DVD media
  • Solid state media (Pen drives, memory cards etc)
  • Tape backup media (DLT / SDLT / DAT /LTO / AIT etc)

In addition to the destruction options listed above we also offer a chargeable on-site data crushing service whereby we bring a specialised HDD crusher onto your premises to destroy the HDDs.  This machine is designed to shatter the platters in a hard drive rendering it completely inoperable. Once the HDDs have been destroyed we take them away for physical shredding and then smelting.

From the point of collection through to the re-deployment or disposal of assets, the combination of physical security measures and data destruction techniques employed by us is designed to ensure that your confidential data is completely secure at all times.

Asset tracking


When we arrive on site to collect your equipment your assets will be safely caged and loaded into our vehicle(s).

When the vehicle(s) returns to our secure (Redcare alarmed) warehouse the tracking procedure begins.  All your main assets are individually recorded on our database, from which we produce detailed asset and data destruction certificates/reports for you. These reports are:

This collection and tracking procedure is strictly adhered to from the moment the goods leave your premises right through to their eventual re-deployment or destruction. Therefore, at any time throughout the recycling process, the status of any asset can be determined within the audit trail.


The recycling process varies according to the type, age and condition of equipment.

Whenever possible your assets are refurbished and redeployed or remarketed, thereby Extending the IT lifecycle.
However, a certain proportion of redundant IT equipment has reached ‘end-of-life’ either because it has become obsolete or is no longer functional due to being beyond economical repair. Fortunately, much of this equipment can now be
re-cycled with minimum environmental impact.

If any of your organisations technology is associated to
an IT Asset Management Register (ITAM) can you have these items removed from the list before we come and collect?

Product resale

SPC acted as a broker/re-seller of used and re-furbished IT equipment for a number of years prior to becoming involved in re-cycling services. This experience enables us to offer our clients a number of well-established sales channels to maximise returns on their redundant IT equipment. Our routes to market include numerous specialist trade buyers both in the UK and overseas, web-based IT trading communities and direct end-user sales via our web shop. If you have equipment you believe to be either current/recent models, or of fairly high value, then please contact the SPC team for a quote on the likely financial returns we could achieve for you on its resale.   

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