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Extending the IT lifecycle

We’ve been extending the IT lifecycle for our clients since 2002.  How?  By offering a range of computer recycling services allowing you, the client, to extract maximum value from your redundant IT estate, whilst minimising your costs of disposal such as data security and WEEE environmental legislation compliance.

Who are we, and what can we do for you?

SPC are a specialist Environment Agency licensed IT recycling business based to the south of London on the Surrey, Sussex border. We have been trading since 2002 and now our business focus is in three main service areas. These services are end-to-end IT recycling, client equipment brokering, and the resale of fully tested quality products.

IT recycling for all sizes of organisation, from SMEs to large corporates.


Managing all necessary environmental & legal compliance.

Data security

Eradicate data and eliminate security risks.


Marketing quality ex-corporate assets obtaining best value for redundant IT equipment.


Selling new & factory refurbished product lines.


Buying & brokering equipment on a client’s behalf.

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Our business model

Our specialism is IT hardware recycling, with the aim of helping companies and organisations fulfil their legal obligation to dispose of redundant WEEE equipment in accordance with the Environment Agency guidelines.

Providing you have a minimum consignment of 20 main items (servers, PCs, laptops, switches and so on), our service is completely FREE.  We will collect any peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables etc.) as part of this service.

Where the cost of disposal for some peripherals and media is particularly high, we do reserve the right to make a charge.   This would include backup tapes, CRT monitors and empty printer toners as well as non-IT related items such as fridges.  Should you have a requirement for recycling of any items which could fall onto the chargeable category, then please discuss with us prior to any collection.
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