Data Security at SPC

Building security

We operate from very secure premises.  In addition to comprehensive physical security such as secondary outer metal doors and roller shutters both fitted with high security locks, we are also connected to Redcare Alarm Signalling provided via a BT line.

Data wiping

The Data Protection Act 2018 (the UK's implementation of GDPR) makes it a legal requirement that businesses and institutions employ appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access, alteration or accidental loss or destruction of personal data. Here at SPC we use (in addition to two chargeable one licence per drive offerings) two software products for our standard free data wiping service:

  1. DBAN
  2. Active@ KillDisk

Both of the products above meet the US DoD 5220.22-M* security standard.

If a hard disk:

  1. Fails the data wiping process.
  2. Cannot be accessed.
  3. Has no re-use potential.
  4. Or is found to be faulty.

Then prior to the eventual smelting process, it is removed from the device and rendered inoperable via a 2-part destruction process. Firstly, it is ‘crushed’ in house (currently using our Garner PD-4 Hard Drive Destroyer) and secondly physically shredded (this cuts the drive into pieces with a surface area of not more than 50mm) and smelted by our recycling partner for the recovery of any precious metals.   Our standard service also includes the provision of a detailed ‘Data Destruction’ report which includes details of the drive's serial number, type, size and destruction method (whether data wiped or physically destroyed).

* Authorised by Department of Security Services to meet Department of Defence Sanitization Standard as outlined in the National Industrial Security Program Operation Manual Dod 5220.22-M.  

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