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We know that some clients are keen to give something back to society when upgrading their IT equipment.  This can be in the form of agreeing to item(s) of their redundant equipment being given to charities or schools of their choice, or perhaps a percentage of its resale value being donated.  Not only can this be a very beneficial way of extending the life of unwanted IT equipment, but it also provides a way to become involved in community and charitable projects.

In the cases where specific client requests are not involved, we have taken the decision not to ‘put all our eggs’ in one basket by supporting one nominated charity.  We are of course often asked for (and happy to oblige with) help by various different organisations with charitable status.   Our current policy is to provide either a specifically-required piece of equipment for use by that particular charity, or an item for the charity to use for example as a fundraiser in a raffle.  On occasions, help can also be in the form of a time commitment to help organise a fundraising function and so on.

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